On June 12, as part of the Additional Financing for the CASA-1000 Community Support Project (CSP AF), a comprehensive online training session was held. The session covered two important topics: "Local Economic Development Based on Value-Added Chain (VAC) and Clusters," with Baktybek Shamkeev, an expert from the Rural Municipalities Development Center (RMDC), as the trainer, and "Contents and Importance of Feasibility Study Development," conducted by RMDC experts Indira Arunova and Nuridin Nanaev. 

The primary objective of the training was to enhance the capabilities of ARIS trainers-consultants (coaches) in order to activate the work of Subcomponent 1C, namely "Support for Livelihood Facilities in Selected Ayil Aimaks." 

These coaches will subsequently disseminate their enhanced knowledge and skills while closely collaborating with the local communities of 50 Aiyl Aimaks. This collaboration aims to generate new business opportunities, increase local community incomes, address local social issues, create employment opportunities, and enhance the quality of life for the local population.