In order to review the main issues arising from climate change and climate risks caused by human activities, specialized trainings will be held for communities in Chuy, Talas, Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions.

The trainings are attended by representatives of ayil okmotus, C-VIA EC, Community Climate Change Ambassadors (CCCAs), and women - at least 50% of the total number of participants.

For the communities of the four northern regions, trainings will be held on the following topics:

  • “Goals, objectives and implementation arrangements”, “Roles and functions of CCCAs”;
  • “Review of key issues and aspects of climate change”; Key concepts and regulatory framework of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Impacts of climate change at the global and regional levels;
  • “Adaptation and Mitigation Measures”; Providing information on recommended climate change adaptation and mitigation measures and actions;
  • “Methodology for Calculating the Climate Benefit Indicator”;
  • “Discussion on the future work mechanism and action plan of CCCAs, C-VIA ECs”.

Specialized trainings were prepared and will be conducted by Matkerimova Asylbubu, the VIP-3 AF Climate Change Specialist.