These subprojects are part of the Additional Financing for the Community Support Project (CSP AF). The second cycle has been initiated in 100 Ayil Aimaks, with a focus on prioritizing 500 villages. To facilitate this process, dedicated windows were created on the project's online platform, accessible through the portals of the 100 AA.

The beneficiaries from the 490 target villages actively participated in this process through the ARIS digital communication platform. A total of 45,206 beneficiaries took part in online discussions, leaving 44,663 comments. Among the participants, 23 722 (54%) were women and 24 939 (57%) were young people. Following the discussions, the communities voted to determine the priorities. A total of 286,471 beneficiaries took part in the voting, with 138 898 (49%) being women and 120 667 (42%) being young people.

Based on the voting results in the villages, the conferences were held in 86 AAs. These conferences allowed 7,115 delegates (45% women, 29% young people) to participate in online voting for the selection of priority projects.

Through the active involvement of communities and beneficiaries, priority sub-projects were successfully identified to enhance the quality of life in the targeted communities of Osh, Batken, and Jalal-Abad Oblasts. The aim is to improve social infrastructure and ensure access to quality healthcare services.