On the 20th of March, 2023 the delegation composed of municipal officials visited the subproject Kyrgyz-Ata completed in Osh Region as part of the Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Development Project. The subproject covered four villages i.e. Kyrgyz-Ata, Ak-Bulak, Borko and Kotormo with total population of 21 926 people.

The delegation headed by Mayor of Uzgen Town included head of capital construction department, chairs of municipal territorial administrations, members of local councils, head of municipal property department and other officials.

Main objective of the visit was to familiarize with outputs from successful activity of local municipal water utility established as a result of the Project, review and learn for further replication of lessons for similar system in Uzgen.

During the visit, officials from Uzgen were provided with information on the project, in particular construction and rehabilitation of the water supply subproject including sanitation development. Likewise, members of the delegation met with the beneficiaries of services.

The delegation also focused on activity of the new municipal utility center that covered drinking water supply, solid waste management and irrigation water etc. The presentation included innovative billing software that enabled to create uniform customers database and automated services. This software was found very convenient by customers who could use mobile applications to pay online for services, open personal accounts and obtain detailed data on the amount of consumption etc.

In addition, the management of Uzgen Water Utility (Vodokanal) received information about document management system, billing, economic and financial sustainability as well as operation and maintenance of the services delivered in Krygyz-Ata.

Following the visit, a decision was made to introduce similar operational system in Uzgen towards successful and sustainable outcomes.