Within the framework of implementation of the Grant Proposal of the Access To Markets Project for the cooperative "Chon-Alai Baly" honey extractors and bee boxes were procured for the amount of USD 61 762. In addition, other goods are expected to be delivered. In addition, delivery of other goods (bee packages, honeycombs, cushions, feeders, etc.) is expected.

The objective of the Cooperative Grant Proposal is to increase the income of the cooperative members by upgrading the beekeeping equipment for honey extraction in order to increase productivity efficiency as well as to improve the financial wellbeing of the cooperative members.

Beekeeping in Chon-Alai rayon is actively developing among the local population. At prestigious world exhibitions, monofloral white honey has been recognized as the best for several years in a row. The Chon-Alai Baly cooperative is active in honey production and has been cooperating with Aman-Greenfood LLC on honey supply for several years.

For information:

The Access To Markets Project is funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The project aims to create and develop a value chain of livestock products in the areas of meat, milk, honey and wool. The Project involves production leaders (agro-processors,) who want to expand efficient business models in productive partnerships with producers-suppliers of raw materials (farmers, cooperatives) and service providers (private veterinarians/zootechnicians).

At the national level, the Access To Markets Project is implemented by the Agricultural Projects Implementation Unit (APIU) of the Ministry of Agriculture of the KR, and ARIS at the community level (focusing on livestock producers, processors and small farmer groups, including the administration of grant funds).