The forum gathered a wide audience, which was attended by representatives of government agencies, civil society, Implementing Agencies of Asian Development Bank (ADB) – funded projects, including the Coordinator of the Naryn Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Development Program (NRWSSDP) from ARIS and development partners. 

The Forum main goal is to deepen participants' understanding of issues related to gender-based violence, as well as best practices and approaches to improve effectiveness of services in the country that are related to it. The Forum is held to commemorate 16 days (November 25 - December 10) of activism against gender-based violence and Human Rights Day annually held on December 10. 

During the Forum, presentations were presented to attendees on overview of the current situation with gender-based violence in the Kyrgyz Republic and adoption of the National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality until 2030 and the National Action Plan for 2022-2024; on the gender implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and ADB's pandemic response initiative; review of the current situation with the provision of services to combat gender-based violence, which provided an example of good practice in prevention and elimination of gender-based violence. 

Welcoming remarks and presentation materials were made by Ms. Kanokpan Lao-Araya, Country Director of the Asian Development Bank Resident Mission in the Kyrgyz Republic, by representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Migration of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Association of Crisis Centers, Senior Social Development Specialist of the Department of Central and Western Asia ADB. 

At the end of the Forum, opinion-sharing in the form of questions and answers took place.