20 June 2024

In Chui oblast, a new feldsher and midwife station was opened

From June 19-21, exchange visits are taking place in Chui oblast as part of the VIP-3 AF. Best practices of implementing social infrastructure and livelihoods subprojects with the participation of women leaders and active community members are being considered.

The Naryn oblast delegation includes community actors, including representatives of ayil okmotu, ayil keneshs, investment associations of rural communities, climate change ambassadors, and community reporters.

On June 19, the participants of the exchange visits participated in the opening ceremony of the FAP in Jany-Turmush village, where words of gratitude were expressed to ARIS and the team of AF VIP-3 headed by Coordinator M. Dosuev. Then the subproject - FAP in Tegirmenti village of Chon-Kemin ayil aimak was inspected.

During the next two days the following subprojects implemented in Chui oblast would be familiarized:

- SP "Procurement of beekeeping materials";

- Livelihoods facility "Fish breeding" in Kyzyl-Oktyabr village;

- SP "Repair of kindergarten" in Krasnaya Rechka village;

- SP "Repair of the secondary school in Besh-Kungei village";

- SP " Procurement of special-purpose equipment" in Mramornoye village.

From June 18-21, similar familiarization is being conducted for the delegates of Issyk-Kul oblast during the second exchange visit to Talas oblast.