11 May 2024

ARIS RED-2 develops agricusters in Batken

ARIS informs that the sitting of the Productive Partnerships Committee took place to evaluate and approve project proposals for the development of the agro clusters in the region.  

The committee's sitting was held under Subcomponent 2.2 “Strengthening agrifood clusters” of the Second Regional Economic Development Project in the Batken region implemented by ARIS with the financial support of the World Bank. The subcomponent aims to create productive partnerships and develop value chains in the region.

The representatives of the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, Interregional Department of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic, Capital Construction Fund under the Ministry of Finance and plenipotentiary representative of the President in the Batken region have attended the sitting.

The objectives of the Component are to create viable business models and establish strong interaction and trust between the participants of the VC including buyers, processors, farmers, and service providers.

Five business plans for the development of the following agriclusters are presented in the sitting:

1.VC Poultry farming / Chicken egg;

2.VC Milk;

3.VC Berries;

4.VC Fruits;

5.VC Rice.

It is worth noting that in the sitting, the committee noted all these five agriclusters as vital for developing agriculture in the region.

For information:

As part of the project, the participants of the PP can get preferential commodity loans at 1% per annum to buy agricultural goods and equipment. The total amount of the loan is 700 million soms per target activity with different allocations of funds for farmers, seed and breeding farms, and processors/exporters.