10 July 2024

Availability of FAPs - strengthening the healthcare system in rural areas

The Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic announces the opening of a feldsher-midwife station (FAP) in the village Kashka-Suu, Alamedin rayon, Chui oblast. Construction of a new building of the FAP was implemented under the Additional Financing for the Third Village Investment Project (AF VIP-3) with the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic and the World Bank.

The opening ceremony of the medical facility was attended by representatives of local self-government bodies, specialists of the AF VIP-3 led by the Project Coordinator M. Dosuev, local residents and others.

The old building of the FAP was built in 1986 and was in a dilapidated condition, which created serious obstacles for providing timely and quality medical care to the population. The lack of required conditions and equipment significantly complicated the work of medical staff and posed a threat to the health of the villagers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Thanks to the efforts of local residents, the support of the authorities and the social mobilizations and public hearings held in the ayil aimak under the AF VIP-3 Project, in 2023 it was decided to build a new FAP that meets all modern standards. In less than a year we have erected a comfortable building, which is fully equipped with all the required equipment to provide quality medical care. We are happy and immensely grateful," said Almambet Kurmanaliyev, aksakal of Kashka-Suu village.

"One of the main objectives of the AF VIP-3 Project implemented by ARIS is to increase access to primary healthcare and hygiene in those rural communities that are not covered by such services. We express our sincere hopes that this event would be an important step in improving the quality of life of the rural population and strengthening the healthcare system in ayil aimak," said the coordinator of AF VIP-3, M. Dosuev.

Following the ceremonial part, the guests of the event were able to familiarize themselves with the conditions of the new FAP, inspect the medical equipment and ask questions to the medical staff. The villagers expressed their gratitude for the attention to their needs and hope that now they would be able to receive medical care at a high level.