09 July 2024

The CSP AF implemented improvements to social infrastructure in Kara-Kulja district

In Ak-Kiya village of Kara-Kochkor Aiyl Aimak, the "Balazat" kindergarten underwent complete renovation under the CSP AF. Originally built in 1992, the kindergarten faced issues such as a failing roof, outdated doors and windows, and a dysfunctional heating system, which affected the comfort of children's education and upbringing. Currently, the preschool accommodates 86 children with 16 staff members. The local community selected this sub-project as their priority, with investment funds totaling 5,604,000 soms were used to install new doors, windows, roofing, completely replaced heating system, boiler, ventilation systems, and interior and exterior finishing. Additionally, a new children's playground was constructed, replacing the old yar where children previously played.

In Ylai-Talaa village of Kara-Kulja district, another priority sub-project, the renovation of the Ak-Terek First-Aid-Point, was completed. Originally built in 1970, the facility had ceased functioning adequately, causing inconvenience in medical service delivery. With an investment of 4,051,000 soms, the building was renovated and equipped with climate adaptation technologies, significantly improving access to quality healthcare services, as noted by local residents.

Furthermore, almost all representatives of the local community knew about the need to replace the roof of the "Seyil" kindergarten in Birinchi Mai village because there were cases when the roof leaked badly during rain, making it impossible to stay in the room, and children could not attend kindergarten during this period. To solve this problem, the Community-Village Investment Association prepared a project proposal for a total investment amount of 3,330,000 soms and completely replaced the roof. According to the staff of the kindergarten, comfortable conditions have now been established for the education and upbringing of 150 children, along with substantial savings on heating costs from the local budget.

In recent opening ceremonies for these three social infrastructure facilities, local government officials, CSP AF subproject implementers, and community members witnessed firsthand the enhanced educational and healthcare infrastructure, underscoring the tangible benefits of these investments.

During the inauguration ceremonies of the aforementioned three social infrastructure facilities, representatives of local government authorities and parties implementing subprojects of CSP AF, along with villagers, familiarized themselves with the improvements made to various educational and healthcare facilities, while also witnessing the benefits of these investments.