14 May 2024

ARIS: CS-FOR National Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop

The Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic has announced the convening of the National Stakeholder Dialogue Workshop as part of "Carbon Sequestration through Climate Investments in Forests and Rangelands in the Kyrgyz Republic" project (CS-FOR) in targeted districts.

The workshop, held today on May 14, 2024, brought together esteemed experts, government officials, representatives from ARIS, FAO, the Department of Pastures and Livestock Breeding under the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry, as well as Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund, and the Forest Service under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic to discuss strategies and perspectives for executing climate initiatives in forest and pasture management.

Facilitating an environment of open and constructive dialogue among stakeholders, the workshop aimed to forge collaborative solutions for the effective implementation of the project centered on enhancing carbon sequestration through sustainable forest and pasture management.

Key themes covered during the workshop included:

  • Assessment of current forest and pasture conditions, outcomes of pasture analyses in targeted districts,
  • Implementation stages of ARIS activities within CS-FOR project,
  • Methodologies for monitoring and evaluating pasture conditions,
  • Plans for comprehensive natural resource management and climate resilience,
  • Procedures for establishing community landscape management groups,
  • Development of climate-smart value chains, and
  • Allocation of CS-FOR grant funds to ARIS activities.

The national workshop concluded with the formulation of recommendations to guide the continued implementation of the "Carbon Sequestration through Climate-Smart Investments in Forests and Rangelands in the Kyrgyz Republic" project (CS-FOR) supported by the FAO GCF.