11 April 2024

On April 11, 2024, Opening the Drinking Water Supply System under NRWSSDP Took Place in Zhalgyz-Terek Village, Naryn District

Opening the water supply system in the Zhalgyz-Terek village, Zherge-Tal Aiyl Aimak (AA) of the Naryn District, Naryn region took place thanks to the ongoing Naryn Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Development Program (NRWSSDP) financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic. There are 180 households in this village, where total population amount makes 1245 people. The total amount of the completed Subproject “Zhalgyz-Terek” is KGS  43 426,805, the Contractor is “Zhumgalsuukurulush” OJSC.

The opening ceremony was attended by Ms. Heeyoung Hong - Chief Urban Development Specialist (SG-WUD) of the Asian Development Bank/Mission TTL, ADB representatives, Mr. A. Ergeshov - Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Naryn region, Mr. N. Madimarov - State Administration Head - Akim of the Naryn district of the Naryn region, Mr. M. Naspekov - ARIS Executive Director, Mr.U. Baygonchokov – NRWSSDP Coordinator, Program Specialists, regional ARIS specialists in the Naryn region, representatives of local self-government bodies (LSG), village residents and invited guests.

The event  was started with an introductory tour to the water intake site, where guests were presented with  constructed water tower, a disinfection building with a bactericidal installation, a guardhouse and others. ARIS Executive Director  Mr. M. Naspekov told about works carried out to construct the water supply system in the village. “The water supply system in the Zhalgyz-Terek village was constructed and launched in 1969; but in 1985 and 1990, local self-government bodies made attempts to rehabilitate the system, but they were not able to reach the final result. The water supply source here is groundwater from boreholes; the water has not been disinfected. The only source was the well, from which the local population drank water, and the same water was used to drink domestic animals. Until recently, water had been supplied to the village only 4 hours a day. The distribution system did not function, so the population had access only to the well - the only source in the village. Under the ARIS Program, the detailed design and cost estimation documentation (DED) was developed, based on which technical decisions were made to construct the fully operational water supply system. Based on the results of works completed, as of today all 180 households received uninterrupted access to clean drinking water,” M. Naspekov noted in his speech.

Thanks to mobilization of the population, village residents collected funds in amount of KGS 2,092,000 for procurement of water meters, polyethylene pipes and to pay for work on connecting households to the drinking water supply system. Currently, 100% of the village population has safe access to clean drinking water all day and night.

After the official opening ceremony, ADB representatives, government agencies’ management and ARIS Program specialists visited a number of households already connected to the water supply system. One of the beneficiaries who was provided  with access to the system told  about the difficultie they experienced due to the lack of drinking water. He noted that thanks to the contribution by ADB and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the hard work of ARIS specialists, his house now always has clean drinking water.

The head of the ADB mission, Ms. Hiyong Hong, thanked everyone present for the work done and noted that the successful implementation of this subproject would not have been possible without the active participation of the beneficiaries themselves.

Upon the completion of the event, in the secondary school named after. R. Usubaliev, all gusts took part in the ceremony of official transferring the office computer equipment to 4 Aiyl Aimaks (Zherge-Tal, Zhan-Bulak, Chet-Nura AA in the Naryn district and Ala-Buka AA in the Ak-Talaa district) procured under the NRWSSDP.