The Second Regional Economic Development Project in the Batken region (RED-2) which was initiated by the president of the country is implemented by ARIS.

The project is aimed at the development of the key areas of the Batken region:

- Creating conditions for the development of business; 

- Solution of social and infrastructure issues;

- Improving access of the population to basic services;

Component 1 of the project is to provide financial support to the development of municipal infrastructure and basic state services. Under this Component, ARIS signed memorandums with the mayor’s offices of Batken, Kadamjai and Razzakov cities and identified 19 social facilities subject to construction and restoration:

- 11 social facilities (schools, kindergartens); 

- construction of roads in three cities; 

- construction of water wells and water pipelines; 

- reconstruction of parks and leisure zones.

At present, the design process for the above facilities is underway and in 2024 ARIS will start the construction. However, the implementation of Component 1 is expected to be finished completely in 2026. The budget of the 1 Component is about USD 24 mln.

Also, ARIS informs that under RED-2, Component 4 – CERC meaning the contingent emergency response with a budget of USD 10 mln is also implemented.

The aim of the Component is to restore infrastructure facilities damaged during the armed conflict in September 2022 at the border areas of Batken region. By the order of the Cabinet of Ministers, the list of social facilities subject to restoration is approved. 

We inform you that to date in 5 facilities that need repair, construction works completed. They are village medical station No22 in Arka village, village medical station No20 in Borborduk village, a school named after Aitmatov in Borborduk village, and village medical station in Kapchygai village of Batken district. 

In the meantime, it is planned to finish all construction and installation works by the end of a year and hand over the following 10 facilities:

1) Additional building of Narmatov school in Kara-Bak village;

2) Kindergarten Zhakshylyk and Edelweiss in Ak-Sai village;

3) Additional building of Masaliev school in Kyzyl-Bell village; 

4) Kindergarten Uchkun in Kok-Tash village;

5) Khodjaev school in Ak-Sai village;

6) Secondary school in Dostuk village;

7) Village medical station in Dostuk village;

8) Kindergarten Boboktai in Dostuk village;

9) Secondary school in Chon-Tala village;

10) Elementary school in Kok-Tash village;

It is worth noting that all facilities mentioned above will be provided with the necessary equipment and furniture at the expense of the project.