Today, on June 16, as part of a working trip to Batken Oblast, Akylbek Japarov, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic and Head of the Presidential Office, visited several social infrastructure facilities located in Ak-Sai Ayil Aimak, implemented by ARIS projects (RED-2, CASA-1000 CSP) and financed by the World Bank.

During this visit, a firsthand knowledge of the progress made in the construction of subprojects implemented by the Second Regional Economic Development Project in Ak-Sai village, Batken Rayon, Batken oblast was obtained:

  • School with a sports hall for 275 student places named after Khodjaev, in Ak-Sai village, Batken Rayon, Batken Oblast.
  • Kindergarten for 75 children in Ak-Sai village of Batken Rayon, Batken Oblast.

Furthermore, Mars Naspekov, the Executive Director of ARIS, provided Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic with comprehensive details about the implementation of the "CASA-1000 Community Support Project" over the past two years. This initiative has also been carried out in Kapchigai and Ak-Sai villages, which form part of the Ak-Sai Ayil Aimak within Batken Rayon. Through social mobilization aimed to ensure an extensive engagement of local population in target villages, the CSP allocated 19,685,374 KGS to address priority issues in these villages.

For instance, the residents of Kapchigai village received a The Amkodor-702EV bulldozer excavator, based on the Belarus-892.2 wheel tractor, which was purchased and handed over to Ayil Okmotu. This subproject has been completed at a total cost of 4,399,000 soms, with an additional contribution of 1,388,600 soms from the local budget.

Today, Mr. A. Japarov, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, personally handed over the keys to the special machinery to Mr. Alimbek Sabirov, the head of Ak-Sai Ayil Okmotu, emphasizing the vital importance of activities carried out by ARIS. He stated, "When we established ARIS, our primary objective was to foster close cooperation between the Agency, local self-government bodies, and communities to address social and economic challenges in the oblasts." Chairman Japarov expressed gratitude for the support in regional development and stressed the importance of the projects' high-quality implementation.

Additionally, CASA-1000 CSP extended its assistance to four subprojects, collectively valued at 13,095,230 million soms, as selected by the local residents of Ak-Sai village. These projects include:

  • The construction of children’s recreational playground, prioritizing the health and development of the population, particularly the younger generation, in line with SDG 2030.
  • The establishment of carpet-making workshop, implemented by CSP, promotes business development in target communities and the creation of value chains in the selected Ayil Aimaks, thereby generating new employment prospects. The initiative is expected to provide over 20 women with new job opportunities once the workshop is operational.
  • Installation of street lighting, scheduled to commence in September this year, with a subproject budget of 1,018,400 soms, ensuring the safety of village streets at night.
  • Improvement of power supply, with the installation of 101 transmission poles and the laying of 11 km of electrical wiring already completed. The plan also includes the installation of 110 additional transmission poles by November 2023. These efforts will provide the residents of Ak-Sai village with a standard voltage of 220V, uninterrupted power supply, and access to essential public services related to power supply.

Afterwards, Akylbek Japarov visited Dostuk village in Karabak Ayil Aimak, Batken Rayon, where he acquainted himself with the progress of three new social infrastructure facilities being implemented by RED-2 in Batken Oblast, including a First-Aid Point, school and kindergarten.

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