The online voting on the selection of priority economic projects have been finalized for Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad Oblast.

The citizens of Osh, Batken, Jalal-Abad oblasts have outlined the main directions of selected economic projects in 50 AAs of three oblasts targeted by the 1st cycle of the Additional Financing for the Community Support Project. The selection was carried out through the ARIS online platform. A total of 52,156 people took part in a two-stage online prioritization and left 25,131 proposals.

In order to start the implementation of the selected value chains, the business partners from each rural area are invited for further consultations. The next step in this process will be a joint preparation of business plans. The economic projects will be implemented in such areas as textile production, tourism, cultivation of crops, vegetables and fruits, rice, meat and dairy.

The implementation of CSP project will result in:

- development of value chain;

- creation of jobs;

- increase of local budget;

- investment in strengthening the local economy with permanent business partners.