As part of the CSP, at the central square of Jalal-Abad city 2 minibuses were handed over in a solemn ceremony for schoolchildren transportation. Representatives of educational institutions of Kok-Bulak and Tash-Akur villages of Suzak Rayon were given the keys to new school minibuses.

The ceremony was attended by the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic in Jalal-Abad Oblast, Absattar Syrgabaev, the first deputy head of Suzak Rayon state administration, Bakytbek Suyunbaev, ARIS coordinator for Jalal-Abad Oblast, Saparbek Tokoev, the heads of Suzak and Kyz-Kol AOs, chairpersons of CVIAs in the Corridor of Impact, as well as representatives of public organizations.

One minibus will be transferred to the balance of Kyz-Kol AO, the second - to Suzak AO, of Suzak Rayon. A total of 40 students from Tash-Akur village, Suzak AA and 56 students from Kok-Bulak village, Kyz-Kol AA will be able to use the services of minibuses.

It should be noted that the purchase of minibus was selected as a priority by Tash-Akur village, during focus groups meetings, and out of 164 people who took part in the online voting, 157 gave their approval. And in Kok-Bulak village, on August 26, 2021, a minibus was identified as a priority in focus groups, and approved by 109 participants in online voting.