12 April 2024

NRWSSDP: Asian Development Bank Review Mission visited a number of sites in the Naryn region

The representatives of the Asian Development Bank Review Mission got acquainted with the ongoing works in the following subprojects in the Zhalgyz-Terek village, Zherge-Tal Aiyl Aimak, and in Ak-Kiya, Tosh-Bulak and Orto-Saz villages, Chet-Nura Aiyl Aimak, located in Naryn district of Naryn region.

In those villages, the Community Development and Investment Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic (ARIS) is implementing the Naryn Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Development Program in (NRWSSDP) financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, under  which the village residents were provided with access to safe drinking water; various activities were carried out to develop sanitation; support was provided to establish the municipal water supply entities.

Following a detailed review of the works carried out during the field visit, Mission TTL/Chief Urban Development Specialist (SG-WUD) Ms. Heeyoung Hong noted the high level of works completed on construction of water supply systems in the above villages.

“The Program implementation met all our expectations. We are glad to see that local residents have uninterrupted access to clean drinking water, because our main goal is to improve the standard of living of the population of Kyrgyzstan in the Naryn region,” said Ms. Heeyoung Hong.

ARIS Executive Director M. Naspekov, having carefully studied the progress under the Program, identified a number of tasks that need to be taken under close control. “Construction and connection of households to the water supply system under the Program has been successfully implemented. However, we and the residents of the region are facing an equally significant task - ensuring the sustainable operation of municipal water supply entities, which is a key aspect in ensuring the continuity of water supply services for village residents,” said M. Naspekov.

It is also worth to note that for the purpose of increasing the capacity of employees of municipal water supply entities,  the office equipment  has been transferred to 4 Aiyl Aimaks (Zherge-Tal, Zhan-Bulak, Chet-Nura AA in the Naryn district and Ala-Buka AA in the Ak-Tala district) under the Program.