The first information campaign on preventing gender-based violence is being carried out as part of the VIP-3 AF project.

Gender development activities are implemented to promote a “zero tolerance” approach to violence against women and girls.

In order to disseminate information among the population, the VIP-3 AF gender development specialist has prepared materials on the prevention of gender violence and violence against girls and children.

Since May 15, an information campaign “Prevention of gender violence” is being carried out, which is aimed at all groups of the population.

The information campaign provides information about the signs of violence, Women's Support Centers and helplines where you can get the necessary assistance.

Banners and leaflets are distributed to each AA:

  1. Banner: “The law of the Kyrgyz Republic stands to protect women and children”
  2. “Learn the signs of violence, save your life!”
  3. Guidelines and services
  4. What to do if abuse happens?
  5. Dear parents/guardians talk to the girls about it.
  6. Basic local government services for women and girls affected by violence.

They contain information on where to go in cases of domestic violence, how the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic work in this case, what numbers to call, etc.

Leaflets are printed in Russian and Kyrgyz for parents and contain information on basic assistance provided by local authorities. The material for the publication was agreed with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, the World Bank, PF “Center for the Study of Democratic Processes”, the Initiative “Luch Sveta”.