13 June 2024

Exchange visits under the VIP-3 AF have started in Talas oblast

Participants of exchange visits are: representatives of LSGBs and executive committees of Community Village Investment Associations (CVIA), climate change ambassadors, community reporters, staff of regional offices of Issyk-Kul, Chui, Naryn and Talas oblasts, and management of AF VIP-3.

The main objective is to study the best examples of implementation of social infrastructure facilities and livelihoods subprojects with the participation of women leaders and active members of the communities. Thus, on June 12-13, a number of projects implemented within the framework of the AF VIP-3 in Talas oblast were visited:

SP "Construction of an additional building for the kindergarten "Archa-Beshik" in village Archagul;

SP "Procurement of stone harvester" and SP "Procurement of equipment for drying berries and fruits" in Kyok-Sai village;

SP "Repair of school named after B. Myrzabayev " in Cholponbai village;

SP "Creation of a meat processing shop (sausage shop)";

SP "Improvement and heat insulation of building #2 of Chaldovar gymnasium school named after D. Batyrbashiyev";

SP "Procurement of equipment for dumpling production shop" of Bakai-Ata AA (Min-Bulak);

SP "Heat insulation, procurement of equipment for the kitchen, improvement of the territory of the kindergarten "Altyn Uya" in Yntymak village;

SP "Mini-workshop for soap making" Aknazarov AA;

SP "Replacement of the heating system of the kindergarten "Tai-Kuluk" in the village Kok-Oy;

 SP "Construction of FAP" in Ak-Jar village;

SP "Replacement of the roof and electrical wires of kindergarten "Koshoibek Ata" and SP "Procurement of equipment for beekeeping", located in village Taldy-Bulak.

It should be noted that exchange visits would be continued and would be held also in Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Chui oblasts for the period from June 11 to August 30.